Welcome to the Tattoo Collecting Podcast!


Join us each week as we blast off through the tattoo universe! We’ll talk about our own thoughts and inspiration, as tattoo collectors, as well as the journey of our guests. We’ll delve into everything from first tattoos, to full body suits, and everything in between.


In this podcast, we will not be talking about how to tattoo, or any technical tricks of the trade. There are thousands of other platforms just for that. Here, we talk about tattoos from the collectors point of view. We’ll share advice for collectors, as well as our specific experiences from our own tattoo journeys. We want to prepare, and inspire other collectors.

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About Us

Fawn Baker


I've had the amazing privilege to collect from the following artists:

(in no particular order)

Adam France

Ty McEwan

Russ Abbott

Guy Aitchison


Carissa Gray

Michael Frazier

Leila D'amato

Amanda Orcutt

Austin Yancey

Jessie Levitt

I look forward to adding more amazing artists and collaborations to my collection.

Jordan Rookus


I am thankful to have collected from these amazing artists:

Guy Aitchison

Adam France 

Nathan Marti

Steven Wheeler

My body suit is in its beginning phases but I am excited to share my journey with you.